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    Andean Condor Attack at Ohio Zoo
by Donald Sazdanoff

Saturday, August 21, 1999

On Saturday August 21 1999 at the Columbus Ohio Zoo an Andean Condor attacked a 2 year 11month-old girl during the morning session of the "Wings of Flight" bird show. While on display at the conclusion of the show the bird leapt of off its perch and attacked the little girl from behind who was standing approximately 25 to 30 feet away. The girl suffered three puncture wounds to her left shoulder and scratches on her right side ribs and stomach. She also suffered numerous scrapes and bruises on her hands and knees when she was knocked to the ground. Her 4 year 10 month old sister who was standing several feet away was narrowly missed by the bird but was visibly shaken by the attack. During the show the Condor had been difficult to control as it flew off of the stage with its handler in pursuit. After the show before it attacked the little girl it attempted to bite its handler as he was pointing out various features to the crowd who had gathered to get a closer look and ask questions. The crowd is allowed to stand within reaching distance of the Condor who is only restrained by a tether which is held by a handler. The Andean Condor is the worlds largest bird able to fly with a wing span of over 10 feet and weighs in excess of 40 pounds.

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