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      Boy saved from jaws of python
By Barbie Dutter in Sydney

December 14, 1999

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy on a camping holiday survived an attack by a 10ft python which slithered into his tent as he slept, coiled itself tightly around his neck and seized his face in its jaws.

Gerard O'Hare was saved by his father, Neil, who wrestled with the snake and wrenched it away, throwing it out of their tent. The boy suffered about 20 bite wounds to his face, shoulder and hands but was released from hospital after treatment.

He and his father were on holiday on Moreton Island, east of Brisbane, when the snake attacked in the early hours yesterday. Queensland's rescue helicopter flew a medical team to the scene and took father and son to hospital in Brisbane.

A rescue service spokesman said: "The snake came into the tent and grabbed the boy by the throat. It had wrapped itself around his throat and was trying to eat him. It had its jaws wide open, trying to get a hold on the boy. He was being choked and then the snake starting biting him. The boy was very traumatised, and although the snake was not venomous, he had numerous puncture wounds to his face and upper body."

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