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from Newsday

Italians Edgy After Shark Attack

Monday, September 27, 1999

ROME (AP) -- Italian fishermen ventured into the Adriatic with caution Monday, two days after a great white shark attacked a boat, chomping up a freshly caught tuna dangling over its edge.

The skipper of the ``Coca Cola,'' Elevio Mazzagufo, said the shark tried to take a bite out of his boat after lunching on the tuna he'd just reeled in.

``It looked like an elephant,'' he said. ``In 30 years as a fisherman, I've never seen anything like it.''

The great white appeared to be about 23 feet long, just 13 feet shorter than the ``Coca Cola'' itself.

``I shot at it with a speargun,'' said Mazzagufo. ``But the dart just bounced off its skin.''

A year ago, a sports fisherman caused a sensation in Italy when he caught a great white on video attacking a smaller shark right next to his boat.

The great white is a rare visitor to the Adriatic, but may have been lured by this season's unusually warm waters, reports said.

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