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forwarded by AAF Correspondent: Jim Morris

(source unknown)

Mako Shark Bites Fisherman off New Zealand!

March 16, 1999 or thereabouts

The following was by a contact who lives in New Zealand and was quoting from a New Zealand newspaper article:

Today's paper reports a fisherman needed 38 stitches in his leg after a 1.3m mako leapt up from the floor of his boat and sank its teeth in to his thigh.

Nursing his injruies at his Auckland (in New Zealand) home last night, building site manager Mr Spain (28) said the damage could have been far worse as the shark had first tried to bite him in the groin.

"The accident happened after a friend accidentally gaffed the shark by the tail instead of the head as he dragged it on to their vessel."

The "fellow fishermen managed to beat the shark off with a club as blood poured from Mr Spain's wound."

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