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Probe continues in Maui shark case
The husband says his wife was
attacked by a shark while kayaking

Thursday, March 25, 1999

By Jaymes K. Song

Detectives are still investigating last week's reported fatal shark attack on a honeymooner who was kayaking with her husband off the coast of Lahaina. No traces of blood were found on the kayak after a chemical examination, an investigator said yesterday. Finding no blood was "kind of unusual" considering she had her arm bitten off, said Capt. Victor Tengan of the Maui Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division. Experts are being called to determine whether blood can seep into a kayak's surface or can be entirely washed away by sea water. Missing persons cases are normally handled by the juvenile section of the Maui Police Department, but this one is being investigated by Tengan's Criminal Investigation Division. "We are involved to rule out any possibility of foul play," said Tengan. Police have searched the couple's car and hotel room, and "everything seems to be OK," he said. No shark bites were found on the kayak and the woman's body has not been recovered. Manouchehr Monazzami-Taghadom, of Sunnyvale, Calif., said his wife, Naghid Davoodabai, 29, was attacked by a shark and later died after their rented kayak was pushed away from shore by winds and shifting currents. According to Extreme Sports shop, Monazzami-Taghadom, 39, and a woman rented the kayak on the morning of March 18. Monazzami-Taghadom said he drifted to Kahoolawe the morning after the attack. He rested, and the following morning, March 20, he found a telephone and called for help. He was rescued and taken to Maui Memorial Hospital, where he was recovering yesterday. Detectives plan to interview Monazzami-Taghadom again before he leaves for the mainland Saturday

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