Animal Attack Files Special ReportSpecial Report forwarded by AAF Correspondent: Paul G. Nagel
From: The Medina County Gazette - Medina,Ohio

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Correspondent: Pablo Caxion

August 12, 1999

Animal Attack

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A nine year old Medina Township boy was attacked by a large snapping turtle in the deep turn of Turnkey Creek yesterday. Jimmy Beby was swimming with 5 others in 4 feet of water when,friends said,a large snapper left the bank in the boys direction. Before he could leave the water the snapper attacked leaving the childs left big toe completely severed. Witnesses stated that the stuggle lasted at least 5 minutes. The young Beby boy was rushed to Medina General Hospital at 5:05 p.m. with substancial blood loss and shock trauma. Doctors were unable to attach the toe which was retreived from the Turnkey Creek by a companion, Jim Camps, from Lodi. "I heard him yell about the same time I saw the snappers shell swimming toward him", said JIm, age 10."There were'nt nothing we all could do for him at that point", he added. Medina County Sherrif Department Deputies were the first to arrive at the scene. Sherrif Department officials have warned families and their children numerous times this summer about the turtle problem at Turnkey Creek. Turnkey Road residents are having a turtle soup cook off this Saturday,August 14th,to help pay medical expenses for the occurance. Donations are also being accepted by Mrs. Rambler at the Old Pheonix Bank. Jimmy Beby is recovering at home with his parents.

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