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    Police: No Charge in Ant Bite Death

The Associated Press
Saturday, August 18, 2000

NORTH PORT, Fla. (AP) -- Criminal charges will not be filed in the case of a nursing home patient stung to death by fire ants.

Police investigators and the Florida attorney general's office said they found no crimes were committed. The nursing home still faces fines from the Agency for Health Care Administration and Medicaid officials for their treatment of Mary Gay.

Gay, 87, died in May at Quality Health Care Center after being stung more than 1,600 times by fire ants that burrowed from an outdoor nest into her room. State regulators said the nursing home did not provide proper care because nurses did not tell a doctor how serious the attack was.

The nursing home has since changed its policies and is appealing a $3,000-a-day fine levied by state regulators.

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