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    Horseback Rider Attacked by Grizzly Bear Makes Valiant Escape in Yellowstone Park

Sunday, September 3, 2000

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- A horseback rider suffered minor injuries in an attack by a grizzly bear, park officials said. Richard Romano, of Belgrade, Mont., was treated for lacerations on his face and forehead after Friday's encounter in the Black Butte area of the park. Romano told officials he had ridden into the area, then stopped and dismounted along a trail near Black Butte Creek to eat a sandwich. He turned to see a 300-pound grizzly bear behind him. He said the bear swatted him in the face and chest area, knocking him into a tree. After he fell face down with the bear on top of him, Romano pulled out a can of bear spray, rolled over and sprayed the bear in the mouth. The bear rolled off and started coughing. Romano caught his horse and fled via the trail, returned to his vehicle and drove north to Big Sky, Mont., to report the incident, officials said.

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