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      Photographer Kills Enormous Black Bear

Thursday, October 5, 2000

PETERBOROUGH, Posted 9:40 a.m. EDT October 5, 2000 -- A wildlife photographer believes he was attacked by one of the largest black bears ever recorded in the province.

Denis Stairs, who always carries a shotgun while snapping pictures in the bush, killed the huge animal last Friday. He was in a wooded area behind his home, on Birch View Road, south of Young's Point.

It's believed the bear weighed more than 272 kilograms. He says it had a 100-centimetre neck and the skull the size of a grizzly.

The skull is now being measured to find out if it is a record.

Stairs was not injured in the attack, but his coveralls have a long rip made by one of the bear's razor-sharp, 10-centimetre long claws.

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