Special Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Scott Tingley
from Press & Sun-Bulletin (New York)

      Coyote attacks 18-month-old toddler
Tot bit in face at soccer practice
John Colebourn

Wedensday, September 20, 2000

The Province Police last night were tracking down a coyote after it attacked an 18-month-old baby and turned on an adult in Vancouver's Oakridge area.

The baby was taken to Children's Hospital and the injuries are believed to be minor. The attack left the baby with a cut above the eye.

Shocked witnesses watched in horror as the animal went for the child at a soccer practice taking place at 43rd Avenue and Montgomery Street.

The baby and parents were standing along the sidelines, when the coyote appeared.

Soccer coach Michael Bentley said the attack happened fast.

"Something needs to be done about these coyotes," he said.

"Unfortunately, they are a real concern."

He said it is not unusual for residents to see coyotes wandering around the alleys looking for prey. "People see them all the time around here," he said.

After the coyote left the soccer field it lunged at a dog on a leash and tried to go after a man.

Vancouver police have been told to kill the animal. But as of late last night they had yet to find the crazed critter.

Residents in wooded areas of the city are complaining about an alarming number of coyotes roaming around.

They often wander near homes looking for cats or small dogs.

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