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      Racehorse saves man from croc attack

Thursday, October 5, 2000

A Rockhampton horse trainer has had a lucky escape after a crocodile lunged at him on the banks of the Fitzroy River.

Jim Morris was taking a horse for a swim in the river when the large croc came at him.

Mr Morris says his horse probably saved his life when it bolted away from the crocodile.

"I just walked towards the river and put my foot in the river and just a big surge of water come straight out of the river and a croc came straight up at me," he said.

"I reckon it hit my leg because I felt something hit me on the leg and the mare pulled me back, because she pulled away and I hung on to the rope.

"She pulled me up the bank a bit, that's sort of what saved the croc from grabbing hold of me."

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