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Animal Attack

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    Tourist ties up runaway crocodile
By Oliver Poole

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

A STUDENT teacher on holiday in Kenya lassooed a crocodile after it escaped from a farm and approached tourists staying at a nearby resort.

Around 20 men had driven the animal into the sea and were pelting it with large rocks, afraid that it would attack holidaymakers at the hotel near Mombasa. Sarah Cloude, 25, of Yalding, Kent, left her sun lounger, grabbed a rope and threw it at the crocodile.

She said: "It was just a gut reaction. The rope caught around its back legs and I pulled it tight." Stunned locals helped her pull it ashore then took it to an animal sanctuary.

Miss Cloude, who is studying at Birmingham University, said: "I cannot really believe it all happened. It was the first day of the Millennium and one I will never forget."

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