Animal Attack Files Special ReportSpecial Report forwarded by AAF Correspondent: C. H.
Animal Attack Files Special Report


Animal Attack

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    Crocodile Reportedly Eats Three

July 1, 2000

XOG-OGAAL (Somalia) 01 July 00 Crocodile reportedly eats three, causes panic in south- central village Somalia: Over the past few days, three people, two men and a woman, have been eaten by a crocodile at Masale village, Shabeellaha Hoose Region [southcentral Somalia]. This particular reptile is said to have developed a taste for human flesh, and is striking terror into the hearts of local people. Residents of the area are now living in great fear as they helplessly ponder how to deal with the seemingly invincible creature. They have expressed the fear that the killer reptile will claim more lives before a solution could be found.

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