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from The Toronto Sun

      Boy, 9, on mend after dog attack
Parents rip lack of supervision

Thursday, November 16, 2000

By MICHAEL CLEMENT, TORONTO SUN A nine-year-old Toronto boy who was savaged by a husky-cross dog should never have been left unsupervised in the schoolyard, his parents complained.

Frankie Williams underwent four hours of surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children to repair severe wounds to his left forearm and upper body after the attack Tuesday.

"His muscle was torn apart and they reconstructed the muscle and made sure there was no infection before they stitched it up," said his step-mom, Dolly Burt, Burt said the youngster was "holding up okay," but will be "out of whack for a while" and he's "scared ... frightened."

The boy was attacked by the vicious dog about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday as he crossed the schoolyard at Briar Hill Public School, near Dufferin St. and Eglinton Ave.

Frankie "doesn't even want to go to that school any more," Burt said.

The dog tore the school boy's left forearm and surgeons also had to repair bite wounds on his underarm and shoulder.

"It's pretty bad, it's terrible. The dog (bit) to the bone on his left (arm)," said Burt.

"The surgeon told me the flesh was missing and you could see the bone," said Frankie's dad, Ricky Williams, 29.

"I'm very, very upset," said Williams.

He said teachers were inside the school and there was no one monitoring the schoolyard.

"If the dog would have ate his face off, what then?" he said.

"There's a big vicious dog in the schoolyard and where's the protection?"

The dog is under a destroy order in quarantine at Toronto Animal Services in York.

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