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Animal Attack

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    Girl attacked by dog may lose her leg
By Nigel Bunyan

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl may lose a leg after being savaged by her family's dog.

Emma Scott, of Newton Heath, Manchester, was attacked as she played with her two-year-old brother, Kyle. Her mother, Debbie, used her bare hands to free her from the jaws of the animal, a cross between a pit bull terrier and a Rhodesian ridgeback. The dog was later destroyed.

Doctors at Booth Hall Children's Hospital, Manchester, have operated three times on Emma's left leg, but her father, Leonard, said there was a "very big possibility" that the limb would have to be amputated.

Stacey Marshall, a friend of Emma, said that the dog, which had been with the family for six months, "kept biting her up and down the leg". She said: "She was screaming. I was hitting it and kicking it, saying 'Bad dog', but it still wouldn't let go."

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