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from The Salt Lake Tribune

      Elephant Captured After Leaving Manure Trail

Friday, October 13, 2000

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai police said Friday they had captured a cow elephant which had fled after colliding with an oil tanker, causing the truck to plunge off the road and explode, killing two people.

Following the accident, which occurred Thursday in Lampang province, 375 miles north of Bangkok, dozens of police and civilian volunteers combed surrounding hillsides in search of the injured animal.

Following a blood and manure trail left by the elephant, the police and civilian hunters eventually found the animal hiding deep in a forest, a police officer said.

"We first need to determine whether it is a wild or domesticated elephant before deciding what to do. If we found its owner, he would probably be charged with negligence for failing to keep the elephant in a proper place," the policeman said.

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