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from The Sunday Times

      Rogue elephants kill three, destroy 44 farms

November 14, 2000

Lagos - Rogue elephants have killed three people and destroyed crops on 44 farms in Nigeria's northeastern Borno state, the newspaper This Day reported on Tuesday.

The elephants went on the rampage through the Gwoza municipality of Borno State at the weekend in the worst such incident recorded here in 37 years, the newspaper said.

Lawan Gwaigwai, the head of the worst-affected village of Dire, said that three people had been trampled to death and crops of beans, rice and corn ruined on 44 farms, the paper reported.

Elephants, once widespread across Nigeria, are increasingly rare in the wild due to heavy poaching but are still to be found in their hundreds in the main Yankari national park. - Sapa-AFP

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