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      Beware of the dog during a full moon

December 22, 2000

By Celia Hall, Medical Editor

IDEAS that the moon inspires insanity in man and beast may be true say researchers who found that animals bite people more often when the moon is full.

Doctors at Bradford Royal Infirmary recorded twice the number of animal bites on full moon days. A study of patients over two years produced 1,541 dog bites, 56 cat bites, 13 horse bites and 11 rat bites. Incidence rose in the two or three days before a full moon and peaked when the moon was fullest.

In the period, there were 37 full moon days and one "blue moon", the name given to the second of two full moons in the same month. Researchers say in the British Medical Journal that other teams have found a link with the moon and crime, madness, alcohol intake, drug overdose and traffic accidents.

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