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      Kangaroo loose in London park

October 23, 2000

An escaped kangaroo is causing chaos in the outback of a London park, according to reports.

Dog walkers and golfers are convinced an escaped 'roo has taken up residence in a London park.

One woman claims her dog was kicked out of the undergrowth by the antipodean beast.

Animal experts have made repeated visits to the park and golf course to look for evidence. They have found a set of prints "which could be those of a kangaroo".

Jim Horn, manager at Beckenham Place Park in Lewisham, said a number of golfers had reported seeing the animal.

The latest sighting was made by two women who were walking their dogs.

"They were visibly distressed. One claimed her dog had been kicked by the creature and came flying out of the bushes," Mr Horn said.

Have you seen the Beast of Beckenham?

© Associated Newspapers Ltd., 23 October 2000

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