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    Kangaroo terrorizes Australian
family during three-hour rampage

Wenesday, September 13, 2000

SYDNEY (AP) - A Kangaroo terrorized a family in a northern Australian town for three hours after smashing through their glass front door in the middle of the night, police said Wednesday.

Five children were sleeping in the house in Jabiru, a mining town 200 kilometres west of the Northern Territory capital of Darwin, when the 1.7-metre-tall animal crashed in shortly after midnight, injuring itself.

The children's mother, Lisa Miller, called police.

"There was blood and broken glass everywhere, blood all over the child's bed and up the walls," said Constable Alistair Taylor, one of two officers who came to the scene. Taylor and his partner, Constable Tim Perry, spent two hours trying to coax the crazed and wounded animal out of the house with a curtain rod and a rake.

The ordeal ended when police roped the animal and hustled it into a police car. The kangaroo was put down.

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