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    Pit Bull Condemned to Death Stolen
Dog Had a History of Attacks, Officials Say 

Monday, Oct. 23, 2000 

By Frances Ann Burns 

ANNAPOLIS, Md. ( -- Kane, a pit bull with a long history of attacks, remained a fugitive from death row today. 

The dog was snatched Saturday from the Anne Arundel County Animal Shelter, said Tahira S. Thomas, administrator of the animal control section. She added that whoever broke in was "clearly looking for Kane." 

"They went inside, and they cut into four of the six pens to find out where Kane was," Thomas said. 

Kane belongs to David Neal of Millersville, a formerly rural suburb between Annapolis and Baltimore. Neal's other pit
bull, Isis, was impounded Saturday after police officers who visited his house to ask him about the missing dog saw Isis uncaged. 

Both dogs bit a 14-year-old friend of Neal's daughter when she stopped by the house in August, Thomas said. 

Neighbors sign petitions 

Kane, who had a history of three earlier unprovoked attacks, was impounded and held in the animal shelter while Neal appealed an order for the dog's destruction. 

Authorities had given Isis, a first-time offender, a second chance, but ordered close confinement. 

Neal maintained that his dogs were not aggressive, but authorities had received petitions signed by 65 of his neighbors describing the dogs as "a nuisance and a threat," Thomas said. 

She also said that Neal appears unwilling to comply with any orders about his dogs. 

"Maybe they are not a threat with him, but they are really not friendly with strangers," Thomas said. 

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