from the Boston Globe

      Rabid raccoon choked to death
after invading couples bedroom

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

NEW MILFORD, Conn. -- A rabid raccoon broke into the bedroom of a New Milford couple, and was choked to death in a battle with the home's owner.

Steven Kolitz, 42, came away from the Sept. 16 fracas with various cuts, including an inch-deep gash to his leg that required five staples. He is also been undergoing a series of rabies shots.

Kolitz wife, Valorie, was awakened by the Sunday morning by the masked intruder, when the animal tugged on her blanket.

She screamed for her husband, who tried to coax the animal outside. But the raccoon attacked.

"It wasn't going bad until it turned on me," Kolitz said. "Once he got me, I said 'All right you want to fight, you are going to lose."'

The Kolitzes believe the animal got into his home through a dog door.

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