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      Ram Kills Elderly Couple
Pair Attacked While Tending to Sheep

Monday, November 6, 2000

CHINA GROVE, N.C. (AP) -- A 250-pound ram fatally mauled an elderly couple as they fed and watered their flock of sheep, authorities said.

Carl and Mary Beaver were attacked Sunday in a pasture outside China Grove.

Mary Beaver, 80, whose injuries included a broken leg and head trauma, died at the scene, sheriff's Lt. John Sifford said. Her 84-year-old husband died early today at Northeast Medical Center.

Investigators and relatives said the ram, acquired only a few weeks ago, might have been trying to protect ewes during mating season.

"All indications pointed to the ram," Sifford said. "He had blood on his head as well as his back."

Mary Beaver's niece, Zetta Earnhardt, said family members went to check on the couple after they failed to show up at another relative's house. Family members have not decided what to do with the ram.

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