Animal Attack Files Special ReportSpecial Report forwarded by AAF Correspondent: Bill May
Animal Attack Files Special Report


Animal Attack

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    Rotweiler Attacks Children

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

ADELAIDE- It started as a family outing to Adelaideís Bonython Park. Mother Caren, sisters Natasha-9yrs, Danielle-7yrs and son Kieren-3.5yrs. Aunty Sandra and her two sonís Shadi 9yrs and Aymon 6yrs.

They were attending a orienteering course held by a school for children on the Wednesday 19th April at Bonython Park. They set out on the course at about 3 pm and were coming up to the third marker Natasha and the other children ran on ahead about 20 meters to try to find the marker but then saw a Dog coming across the Park towards them, they got a bit scared and started running back to Caren & Sandra but Natasha fell over and the dog a Rottweiler caught up to Natasha and started circling her so Caren went to Natasha who was scared with fear of the dog . So when Caren got to Natasha the Dog was circling the both of them Caren yelled at the Dog to go away but it didnít Caren also started yelling to a man who was across the park who was the owner to get the dog away ,he was calling the dog but it didnít take any notice of him. Then the Dog out of the blue jumped at Natashaís face and started attacking her knocking her to the ground Caren was trying to pull the dog away but it was too big and strong. The other children had run behind a little brick building. Danielle saw Natasha being attacked and went to help get the dog off Natasha but the dog turned on her and began attacking her. Eventually the owner came and got the dog away from the girls but he was also bitten on the arms, he put the dogs into his van then came back, Caren was comforting the girls and holding Natasha's gash in her nose and eye together with one hand and Danielle's gash in her head together with her other hand. Sandra had a Mobile phone but was too shaken to use it so gave it to the dog owner to call a ambulance so he did, then he said he could not handle the situation anymore and would take his dogs home but would be back (but didnít return). So Sandra asked him to drop her at the park boundary so she could at least show the ambulance were to go. The Ambulances and Media arrived at the same time so the saga has got a lot of media coverage on T.V and Radio. When the Police and Council went to the dog owners home he would not tell them were the dogs were, he had taken to someone's place and only handed them over 24 Hrs later when the police & council got a court order to take them into custody. 11 Wks later the dog that had attacked the mother and two girls was put down the other two dogs were returned to the owner. The owner has since been taken to court by the council for dog offences and received a $3,500 Fine.


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