Special Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Colin WalterAnimal Attack Files Special Report
from Shark Alert from Bodega Marine Laboratory



Shark Alert Issued at Bodega Bay, CA

Monday, October 16, 2000

Today at about 10:50 AM, we watched what appeared to be a shark attack, probably on a harbor seal, close to shore near the administrative offices. The shark was a large white shark. We suggest you consider the danger greater than usual and delay any planned dives for at least the next few days. The likelihood that the prey was a harbor seal is bolstered by the unusual behavior of the seals during the following 20 minutes. The 8 or 9 seals in the water remained close to the rocks, bodies stretched vertically, craning their necks out of the water and all looking in the same direction along the water's surface out to sea. This is a behavior I have not seen before. We surmise they may actually have been looking for the shark above the water because they can see farther out of water than under water.

Peter G. Connors
Bodega Marine Laboratory (707) 875-2020
University of California (707) 875-2009 FAX
Bodega Bay, CA 94923 USA

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