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      PNG shark attacks kill man, badly injure boy

May 10, 2000

SYDNEY, May 10 (Reuters) - A man bled to death and a young boy was badly mauled in two separate shark attacks near a tourist resort in Papua New Guinea, a local newspaper reported.

PNG's Post-Courier said the attacks happened late on Sunday on Long Island near Madang, about 500 km (310 miles) north of the South Pacific nation's capital of Port Moresby.

The newspaper said on Tuesday that the local villager died from blood loss not long after he was attacked while diving on a reef just off the island.

The nine-year-old boy, identified only as Adam, had his left leg and ankle badly mauled while he was standing in knee-deep water in a different part of the island.

He was taken to hospital by a Madang businessman who flew to the island after a radio alert about the attacks. The boy was expected to recover, the paper said.

It was not known what kind of sharks made the attacks.

Four years ago, several people were killed in a spate of attacks by tiger sharks near Madang, the paper said.

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