Special Report filed by AAF Correspondents: Scott Tingley, Herb Gillen
from ABC News Online

      Tourist killed by shark in SA waters

Sunday, September 24, 2000

A 25-year-old man has died after a shark attack in waters off South Australia's west coast this morning.

The victim, who was visiting from overseas, was surfing at Cactus Beach near Penong when he was taken.

His surfboard has since been recovered.

The man's wife is being treated for shock by ambulance officers.

Senior Constable Jenny Barrett says police have been speaking with those at the scene.

"Witnesses at about 7:30am ACDT this morning at Cactus Beach saw the man, who was surfing, taken by the shark and police are searching the area now trying to retrieve his body," Senior Constable Barrett said.

South Australian shark expert Rodney Fox, who required more than 500 stitches after surviving an attack in 1963, says the area is notorious for the predators.

"Cactus Beach has been renowned for sharks," Mr Fox said.

"It's renowned for great surfing over the years and it's one of those places that I certainly wouldn't go comfortably in the water there."

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