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Indian Veterinary Doctor Dies of Snakebite

from the The Times of India News Service

Contributed by an Anonymous but Expert AAF Correspondent

Animal Attack

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  Vet dies of snake bite: April 01, 2000

Dr B.R. Leshanna (34), a  veterinary doctor at the Government Veterinary Hospital, Dharmasthala, died when he was bitten by a snake at Kalenja near Belthangady on Wednesday.

According to information available, the doctor was returning home on a two-wheeler, along with hospital compounder Shivananjappa, after an emergency operation at Kalenja village, when the incident occurred.

Sources said, the doctor seeing a snake on the road applied the brakes of the vehicle all of a sudden which caused the doctor to fall on the road, near the snake. Following this, the snake bit him. 

Though he was given first aid, he died on the way to Belthangady hospital.

The deceased is survived by wife and two children.

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