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Animal Attack

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    Bangladeshi villagers kill tiger,
beat forest officials
By INAM AHMED - United Press International -

April 12, 2000

DHAKA, Bangladesh, April 12 (UPI) - Panicked Bangladeshi villagers beat to death an endangered Royal Bengal Tiger Wednesday and then attacked local forest department officials who came to investigate the incident.

According to reports, the tiger entered the Datnekhali village overnight in search of food. It then fell asleep in the kitchen of a hut where it was discovered Wednesday morning.

Scared villagers immediately raised alarm and started beating drums and utensils to scare the tiger away. This in turn is reported to have scared the animal, which attacked the mob, wounding two villagers. The other villagers, however, managed to corner the animal and beat it to death using sticks and spears.

Later as forest department officials arrived at the spot, the enraged villagers beat them up.

The Royal Bengal Tiger was designated as an endangered species by the International Union of Conservation of Nature Red Book. This is the second time that a tiger has been killed this year. On January 24, another tiger was ensnared and killed. The Global Tiger Forum early this year had said Bangladesh has 362 tigers left in the Sundarbans.

There has been an increasing trend in tigers entering villages as humans are encroaching on the forest. Experts say this has led to man-eating incidents.

-- Copyright 2000 by United Press International. All rights reserved.

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