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    Police kill dog after it mauls Southern California woman

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) -- Police hunted down and fatally shot a 90-pound dog after it mauled a woman walking a much smaller dog in an apartment complex. 

Tamara Jurjis, 38, suffered a deep, 4-inch-long bite to her upper arm and six puncture wounds to her buttocks, police said. 

She had been walking her dog about 1:50 p.m. Thursday near a laundry room of a Santa Ana apartment complex when the bull mastiff-Rottweiler crossbreed suddenly attacked, police Sgt. Raul Luna said. 

The dog knocked Jurjis off her feet and dragged her along the ground while still biting her, police said. It also bit her dog. 

"The dog just comes out of nowhere and attacks the small leash dog and the owner," Luna said. "For a person to be attacked by an animal that weighs as much as they do is very traumatic." 

Jurjis, a forensic scientist at the Orange County Sheriff's Department crime lab, got stitches at Western Medical Center in Santa Ana and was released Thursday night. Her dog was treated by a local veterinarian. 

Two police officers and three animal control officers, aided by a police helicopter, combed the area for the bull mastiff. They eventually cornered it behind a shopping center and shot it, fearing the dog posed a threat. 

The incident comes amid growing attention on dog attacks since two dogs mauled to death a 33-year-old woman in San Francisco last week. 

Police were not able to locate the owner of the bull mastiff, which had a collar but no license. If found, the owner could be charged with two misdemeanors: not licensing the dog and failing to keep it on a leash in public. The charges carry fines of $60 and $50, respectively. 

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