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from The Miami Herald

    Man Survives Shark Attack Off Atlantic Beach
Victim Said Shark Was 4 To 5 Feet Long

May 4, 2001

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Around 7 p.m. Thursday, a shark grabbed a man's foot, but he managed to get away.

Rescue workers say that John McCall was bitten by a shark while surfing with his friend, Ryan Vermey.

McCall was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and released.

"It was a pretty good bite. He said he was bit twice. Bit him once and they came back again," Vermey said.

"Leg or foot?" Channel 4's Tammie Fields asked.

"The foot, and the ball of his foot was swollen and hanging off, and looked pretty ugly," Vermey said.

Vermy said that the attack was completely unexpected because the water was so clear.

"The water is clear, the sharks usually see you before and they are usually timid," Vermey said.

Fire and rescue workers say that McCall saw the shark and that it was 4 to 5 feet long.

"The victim told me that he was getting off the board in about 5 feet of water and he spotted the shark, and the shark bit him on his right foot," Jacksonville Fire Rescue Lt. Roosevelt Prier (pictured, left) said.

Rescue workers say that this was the first attack that they know of this season.

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