from The Boston Globe
Family sues over man's death  by ant stings in nursing home

              Associated Press, 11/07/98 11:41 

              JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The family of a 66-year-old woman
              who died after being stung by hundreds of fire ants in her
              nursing home bed is suing the home and its pest control

              Nell Rein was found Aug. 30 covered with ants at Silver Cross
              Nursing home. She died four days later from heart failure
              caused by physiological stress, according to her physician. 

              State health officials said in October they found no evidence of

              Family lawyer Shane Langston, who filed suit Friday against
              the home and Ace Pest Control, says the state's report was
              incomplete and that ants also were found in other patients'
              beds at the home in Brookhaven. 

              Ace general manager George Lee said the home's contract
              expired two years ago, and since then his company has been
              serving it on a month-by-month basis and is responsible only
              for the building's exterior. 

              Nursing home administrator Gussie Ashley would not

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