Special Report forwarded to the Animal Attack Files by "Scott":

Man Snatches Grandson from Lion's Jaws

Report of  November 9, 1998

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A man snatched his two-year-old grandson from the jaws of death after the toddler was grabbed by a hungry lioness, South African newspapers said Monday.

The Star said Tiaan Strydom was watching two lions in an enclosure at the Camorhi Game Farm in South Africa's Free State Sunday when a six-month-old lioness lunged forward and tried to drag him into the enclosure through a gap under the gate.

David Windell, the boy's grandfather, came to his rescue.

"I had the lioness by the nose and was trying to twist its nose so it would let Tiaan go," Windell was quoted as saying in The Citizen. "Any grandfather would have done the same."

The Citizen said that a game ranger kicked and jumped on the lioness, forcing it to release the boy who was pulled to safety by his grandfather.

The toddler underwent an emergency operation and received 60 stitches in the calf of his right leg, the Star reported.

An official at the game farm said she had no comment on the incident.

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