Special Report forwarded to the Animal Attack Files by "Scott":

Shark Kills Surfer, Chews Off Arm

Report of  November 9, 1998

(11-09-98) RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - A surfer who ignored warning signs posted on a Brazilian beach bled to death after a shark chewed off his forearm, hospital officials said Tuesday.

The surfer, Claudio Roberto Florencio de Freitas, 22, was rushed unconscious by six friends to a hospital where he later died from massive blood loss, said an official at the Hospital da Restauracao in Recife, capital of Pernambuco state.

The bone of his left arm was exposed and the forearm missing, she said. The attack happened late Monday on the Praia da Boa Viagem beach, four miles from Recife in northern Brazil.

Pernambuco is one of Brazil's most notorious states for shark attacks, which have claimed the lives of nine surfers in the last six years.

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