White-tiger owner killed in attack 

                  By Associated Press, 11/22/98 

NEWBERRY, Fla. - A Maine native who owned a rare white Bengal
tiger was killed by her pet six weeks after the animal fatally attacked its trainer. 

Doris Guay, who moved to Florida from Biddeford, Maine, was leading
3-year-old Jupiter back into Xits pen Nov. 13 when she began to hand-feed chicken necks to the tiger. 

That's when the cat lunged without warning and bit her neck, authorities said. Paramedics said she died instantly. 

''This was a completely unprovoked attack,'' said Alachua County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Jim Troiano. 

The cat was then shot to death by the Alachua County Sheriff's Office
SWAT Team. 

The woman's husband, Ron Guay, co-owner of the tiger, was nearby in both attacks. He gave permission to shoot the animal. 

The Guays, owners of Ron and Joy Holiday's Cat Dancers, toured the
United States and Europe with their exotic animals, appearing at fairs,
circuses, and special events. They raised the tiger since it was 6 days old,
The Gainesville Sun reported. (AP) 

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