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Bear Attack in Yosemite National Park

Report by Lara Juliusson, September 14, 1998

On August 21st at around 11:00 PM a 22 year-old female brown bear bit Kira Juliusson in Yosemite NP. Kira is a 20 year-old summer employee of the park. She was walking ahead of some friends through the camp near her summer residence and the location of some bear-proof food lockers when the bear came up to her and bit her. The wound was a fairly minor puncture wound on her forearm. She had to receive 7 stitches and have tests for rabies made. Park employees speculate that the bear was returning to where it had found food before and was looking for food when it ran into Kira. Unfortunately, the bear had to be found and killed after the attack. Little else is known of the incident.

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