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HOME   Bull falls off embankment, totals car

July 18, 1997 Published at 13:58

Animal Attack

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Joseph, Ore (AP) - This may be a new one for the insurance company; A 2,000-pound bull falls and totals a woman's car.

Elizabeth Hanks was driving on a narrow, winding road in the mountains when she noticed two black angus range bulls sparring on an embankment 20 feet above her car.

"The last thing I remeber is the bull coming in through the windshield, and then I don't know - I must have lost consciousness for a few minutes," the 71-year-old woman said. "It was a lot of bull and a lot of shattered glass."

Hanks was treated at the hospital for a bump on the head. The bull suffered a broken foreleg and other injuries, and had to be killed.

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