Runaway Deer Makes Surprise Visit to Law Firm

Associated Press, 05/29/98 18:19

DANVERS, Mass. (AP) - An unexpected visitor broke up a law firm's Friday-afternoon lunch hour - literally.

A deer jumped through a closed window at the first-floor law office of Stuart Snyder about 12:30 p.m., nearly landing on top of an attorney's assistant sitting in her office.

``Luckily, she didn't lose her eye,'' said Joanne Gentile, a temporary receptionist who was at the opposite end of the office when the deer arrived. ``She screamed to warn us, and then the deer was loping down the hallway, bouncing off the walls.''

Police said the deer, bleeding from cuts from the broken glass, then entered another office and jumped out through a second closed window before running away.

The assistant, Paula Lima, was treated for minor injuries at Hunt Emergency Center in Danvers and released.

State environmental police tried to catch the deer but gave up the search after several hours.

``It was kind of bizarre,'' said Danvers police Sgt. Stephen Hayward. ``The thing must have been having a bad day.''

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