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Villager Survives Tiger
               Attack in Eastern Malaysia

January 18, 1999

Associated Press Report

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- A tiger pounced on a villager in an eastern Malaysia rubber estate, but the man fought back and survived, a
newspaper reported today. 

Mahat Awang, 26, was checking a trap for wild boars on Saturday when the
tiger leapt out of the bushes, the English-language New Straits Times daily said. 

Mahat said he shouted to his companion to run while he struggled but failed to reach for his hunting knife. 

 "I tried to fight back but got bitten on my hands and back of my head," the man was quoted as saying. "After attacking me, the tiger ran into the bushes and disappeared," he said. 

Mahat required 50 stitches. 

No explanation was offered for why the tiger changed its mind. 

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