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Starving tigers kill keeper at mini-zoo

January 21, 1999

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Four tame but hungry tigers attacked and killed their keeper in a private restaurant cum zoo in northern Thailand, police said on Thursday.

The tigers at Baan Sua (Tiger House) restaurant, about 500 miles north of Bangkok in Phrae province, had not been fed for days because the restaurant's business had slumped, a local police spokesman said.

The tigers killed the keeper, Ya Fu, on Wednesday as he was working with them in their cage. Other workers subdued the animals after the attack.

``The tigers were apparently starving due to the poor performance of the restaurant lately,'' the police spokesman said.

Baan Sua has 10 tigers, birds and several other animals in its mini-zoo, which it uses to attract tourists. But few customers have come to the restaurant in the past six months, police said.

The provincial authorities had ordered the restaurant's license revoked, they added.

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