Police kill 1,600-pound bull that escapes and roams suburb

Associated Press, 07/04/98 19:44

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio (AP) - An escaped bull that went on a neighborhood romp, hitting cars and sending people running from a baseball field, was killed after venturing into a residential area.

The 1,600-pound bull was one of three bulls in the One Armed Bandits & Co. traveling show that escaped from a corral Friday morning. Two were quickly captured in suburban Cleveland, but the third eluded authorities for almost four hours.

He hit several cars, including a police cruiser, said Detective James Lobenthal. He also ran onto the baseball field, sending players and spectators running.

Police, Cleveland park rangers and the bull's owners chased the animal for about six miles, but it was eventually shot because it was endangering people, Lobenthal said.

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