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November 1-19, 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

Nov 19, 2004 India: Highway to be cleared of monkey raiders

Nov 17, 2004 South Africa: Cape Town considers shark hunt after swimmer is killed

Kakadu National Park, Australia - 14 Nov 2004: Killer Crocs To Be Moved

Gauhati, India - 13 Nov 2004: Elephants Rampage Terrorizing India Villages

Eureka, CA - 13 Nov 2004: Surfer Narrowly Escapes Shark

Nov 13, 2004 ME: A close encounter

Jamestown, NY - 13 Nov 2004: A Jamestown teenager is recovering Saturday morning after a Pit Bull Attack

Nov 11, 2004 IN: Angry Deer Attacks Indiana Hunter

Rapid City, SD - 10 Nov 2004: SD Game Dept wants season on mountain lions

Nov 6, 2004: NY: Dog attacks infant boy

November 4, 2004 Taiwan: Lion Attacks Man Who Jumped Into Enclosure

November 5, 2004 Wash DC: Coyotes Attacking Dogs in Rock Creek Park

November 2, 2004 India: Blood sucking monkeys attack children at Hindu temple

Tuscon - 1 Nov 2004: Possible Mountain Lion Attack Near Tucson Mountains

October 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

Bombay (Mumbai) - 30 Oct 2004: Bombay's big cats battle humans in scramble for space

October 22, 2004 MO: Stray Dog Pack Kills 6 Gazelles at KC Zoo

October 20, 2004 Romania: Second man dies after bear attack

October 20, 2004 : Rutting stag kills farmer

October 19, 2004 FL: Rottweiler attacks, injures its owners

October 18, 2004 South Africa: Five-Year-Old Attacked by Lion at Game Lodge

October 18, 2004 UK: Dog Killed by Superbug

October 18, 2004 South Africa: Five-year-old attacked by lion at game lodge

Oct 16, 2004 Romania: Bear carnage in Romanian forest

October 14, 2004 MA: Boy Severely Bitten During Pet Adoption Event

October 13, 2004 CA: Coyotes Have Community Howling Mad

October 13, 2004 Albania: Stray dog pack attacks Albanian town

October 13, 2004 CA: Pit bull enters house, corners owners and kills four pets

October 12, 2004 UK: Schoolgirl injured in dog attack

October 12, 2004 OR: Loose dogs attack man, puppy

October 12, 2004 CA: Marin Surfers Wary after Great White Attack

October 11, 2004 Australia: 60-Year-Old Woman Battles Crocodile To Save Man

October 11, 2004 Australia: Boy hospitalised after dog attack

October 11, 2004 South Africa: Top surfer escapes shark attack with punctured foot

October 11, 2004 NE: Nebraska Confirms Mountain Lion Sighting

October 10, 2004 India: Old man injured in buffalo attack

October 10, 2004 South Africa: Top Surfer Survives Attack

October 10, 2004 CA: Surfer bit in shark attack; beaches closed near Point Reyes

October 10, 2004 South Africa: Man gored by rhino in KZN
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Kashmir Tim


October 8, 2004 TN: Coroner: Boy died from spider bite
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: JDV

October 8, 2004 WY: Grizzly bear attacks hunter
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: JDV

October 7, 2004: Congo's mystery killer could be a new type of ape

October 7, 2004 FL: Police dog injured in pit bull attack

October 7, 2004 South Africa: Worker gored in 2nd black rhino attack

October 5, 2005 WY: Bear Attack Injures Hunter

October 4, 2004 Mexico: Mexican farmer dies after killer bee attack

September 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

Sept 27, 2004 FL: Woman killed by alligator in Florida lake
Report filed by AAF Correspondents: JDV (our regular) and Michael C!

Sept 23, 2004 ID: Hunter Hears Crunching Sound As Bear Bites His Head
66-Year-Old Wyoming Man Survives Harrowing Grizzly Attack
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Tim H.

Sept 22, 2004 OR: Surfer survives encounter with shark
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Vern D.

Sept 14, 2004 NY: Pit bull attacks woman; man faces charges

Sept 13, 2004 IL: Worker still critical after bear attack (follow-up)

Sept 13, 2004 MO: Dogs attack woman, horses at Cedar Hill farm

Sept 12, 2004 Canada: A biting dog smells of human agency (Opinion)

Sept 11, 2004 IL: Bear Attacks Man

Sept 10, 2004 IL: Lincoln Park keeper safe after attack in lion pit

Sept 9, 2004 ME: Leopard injures employee of Trenton zoo
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: "John"Animal Attack Files Special Report

Sept 9, 2004 UK: Swans fight it out in cathedral test

Sept 8, 2004 ND: Faced with a mountain lion

Sept 6, 2004 WY: Mountain Biker Survives Bear Attack


Sept 5, 2004 FL: Sanibel's new policy triggers removal of 12 alligators

Sept 5, 2004 AL: Sharks: Do big numbers equal big danger?

Sept 5, 2004 CA: Cougar management debated as mountain lions advance into Napa's rural neighborhoods

Sept 4, 2004 MA: Lowell girl mauled in dog attack

Sept 4, 2004 Taipei: Fire ants a threat

Sept 3, 2004 Germany: Killer dog bites owner to death

Sept 3, 2004 CA: Officers try to find mountain lion reported by 5 people

Sept 3, 2004 Canada: Pit bulls don't chew babies; people chew babies (Opinion)

Sept 3, 2004 CA: Stinson Beach closed after brief re-opening (Shark Alert)

Sept 3, 2004 CA: Bear attacks man trying to distract it in Angeles National Forest

Sept 2, 2004 Australia: Guide grossly negligent in fatal crocodile attack, inquest told

Sept 2, 2004 IL: Pit Bull Attacks Letter Carrier

Sept 2, 2004 TX: Coyote Attacks Suspected In Denton County

Sept 01, 2004 NJ: New Jersey Incidents with bears take climb in August

Sept 01, 2004 Canada: Ontario Bites Back at Vicious Dogs

August 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

August 31, 2004 NM: Pit bull viciously attacks man

August 30, 2004 CA: All's quiet in area where mountain lion tracks found

August 30, 2004 FL: Girl released from hospital after coral snake bite

August 30, 2004 Canada: Be bear careful, warns Fish and Wildlife

August 30, 2004 Scotland: Pensioner attacked by fox in her back garden

August 29, 2004 OR: Pit bulls: a popular pariah

August 28, 2004 MA: Black widow found lurking inside mailbox

August 27, 2004 Discovery Channel reenactment of Aaron Perez shark attack
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Jim N.Animal Attack Files Special Report

August 27, 2004 IA: Pit Bull Attacks Owner In Council Bluffs

August 27, 2004 CA: Mountain lion snatches sandal from house, attacks pet

August 27, 2004 FL: Man Stabs Alligator To Free His Dog From Reptile's Jaws

August 25, 2004 NC: Neighbors say hunting dogs a problem where canine attack occurred

August 26, 3004 KS: Shawnee Woman Recovers From Copperhead Snake Bite

August 26, 2004 OK: 'Killer' bees possibly as far north as Oklahoma

August 26, 2004 CO: Mountain lion enters home on Ute Pass
August 26, 2004 CO: Mountain Lion Enters Home, Attacks Dog Family Retreats To Car For Safety

August 24, 2004 MA: Rockland dog given one more chance

August 24, 2004 Medford NJ: Boy recovering from rabid skunk bite

August 23, 2004 CA: Bee attack near Barstow leaves six people hospitalized

August 23, 2004 South Africa: Dog in custody for 'robbing' cyclists

August 23, 2004 NY: Pitbull terrier attacks man in Albany Police officer shoots, kills dog to get it off victim

August 23, 2004 KS: Pit bull attacks neighbor's livestock

August 23, 2004 Republic of Georgia: Bite is worse than their bark - NGOs and government look for solutions to control animal population

August 22, 2004 AK: Helicopter had difficult time finding mauled sheep hunter

August 22, 2004 CO: Victim bitten in face, arms, thighs, side

August 22, 2004 Canada: Cougar country

August 21, 2004 White Plains, NY: Coyotes in the city

August 21, 2004 Wales, ME: Man loses dog in mystery attack

August 20, 2004 NJ: Big cat getting big attention

August 20, 2004: Kentucky Bear Killer Goes on Trial

August 20, 2004 South Africa: Baboon attacks Cape Point visitor

August 20, 2004 IL: Dog attacks on the rise Pekin residents attempt to clamp down on vicious canines

August 20, 2004 NY: Rabid Otter Attacks 6-Year-Old Boy Swimming In Lake
August 20, 3004 NY: Rabid otter attacks boy at beach

August 20, 2004 New Zealand: Experts puzzled by bull mastiff attack

August 19, 2004 CO: Who's been sleeping in my tree?

August 19, 2004 US: Creators of scary fiction know sharks have teeth

August 18, 2004 Canada: Cougar Attack

August 17, 2004 CA: Coast Guard recovers headless body of diver killed by shark

August 17, 2004 CA: Shark attack kills diver off Mendocino coast Man's buddy says fish struck suddenly

August 17, 2004 Canada: Cougar attacks five-year-old boy in Jasper
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: J.D.V.Animal Attack Files Special Report

August 16, 2004 CA: Body Recovered Near Site Of Apparent Shark Attack

August 15. 2004 MI: Wolf return a mixed blessing

August 14, 2004 OH: Sightings, attacks continue in hunt for large cat

Auguest 13, 2004 CA: 13 in Santa Ana Stung as 120,000-Plus Bees Attack

August 12, 2004 Japan: Shiretoko's 'new generation' bears far from your average Yogi

August 11, 2004 Montana: Deer attacks man in Madison Valley

August 10, 2004 MA: Dog kills two pets, attacks man in city

August 10, 2004 Belgium: Cat in Cockpit Forces Emergency Landing

August 9, 2004 FL: Shark attacks St. Petersburg man

August 8, 2004 The Revolt of the Raccoons

August 7. 2004 IL: Pit bull attacks collie, bites woman in Glen Ellyn

August 7, 2004: Biologists say coyotes losing fear of humans

August 7, 2004 CA: Biologists say coyotes losing fear of humans

August 6, 2004 PA: Dog attacks, bites girl

August 4, 2004 NH: Camper Dies After Seeing Bear
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: J.S.Animal Attack Files Special Report

August 2, 2004: Monkey Bites Boy in Store

August 2, 2004 FL: Reports outline potential threat posed by gators

July 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

July 30, 2004 FL: Rabid Bat Bites Fla. Woman
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: P.F.Animal Attack Files Special Report

July 29, 2004 FL: Residents vent frustration about Sanibel alligators

July 29, 2004 WA: Song dogs pleasant to hear, but not too close to home

July 28, 2004 Runaway cows trample woman's car

July 28, 2004 CA: Rancho Del Oro residents decry coyote attacks

July 28, 2004Man Survives Attack by Punching Gator

July 27, 2004 WA: Pet dog mauled at park - Coyotes suspected

July 27, 2004 AZ: Bobcats may have seized two pet dogs

July 26, 2004 TX: Texas Boy Attacked by Shark
Report filed by AAF Correspondents: J.D.V. and mmeAnimal Attack Files Special Report

July 26, 2004 MN: Mountain lions migrating east

July 23, 2004 FL: Woman Attacked By 12-Foot Alligator Dies In Surgery

July 23, 2004 TX: Whale Turns On Trainer During SeaWorld Show
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: J.D.V. Animal Attack Files Special Report

July 23, 2004 16-Foot-Long Burmese Python Caught On Florida Street

July 22, 2004: 30-Pound Barracuda Jumps On Fishing Boat, Bites Man

July 22, 2004 FL: Woman Loses Arm In Alligator Attack
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: P.F. Animal Attack Files Special Report

July 21, 2004 FL: Pit Bull Attacks BellSouth Workers

July 21, 2004 NC: Pit bull attacks 7-year-old

July 21, 2004: Pit bulls maul Pekin Children

July 21, 2004 Japan: Bear attacks housewife in shrine

July 10, 2004 Synday: Australian Surfer Killed in Shark Attack
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: Eric A. Animal Attack Files Special Report

July 7, 2004 Mozambique: Moz hunts lions after attacks

July 7, 2004 Canberra: Starving kangaroos attacking people and pets in Australia's capital

July 7, 2004 Canberra: Australia capital warns of kangaroo influx

July 7, 2004 CO: Playful Pit Bull Pounces On Boy

July 6, 2004 MA: Critical tip: Do not feed bears

July 6, 2004 LA: Python captured, seized after Mandeville escape

July 6, 2004 MA: Office attacks pit bull problem: Animal Control chief puts bite into ordinance

July 6, 2004 CA: Pit bull apologists, wake up

July 5, 2004 India: Wild Leopards on Human Killing Spree in Bombay

July 1, 2004 FL: Dog Survives Alligator Attack

July 1, 2004 India: Man-eating leopards bring fear to slums of Bombay as 10 die

June 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

June 30, 2004 India: Leopard attacks threaten capital city

June 30, 2004 India: Mid Day on panther trail

June 30, 2004 CA: Woman, 88, badly hurt by pit bull Neighbor's dog pulled her from walker, mauled her

June 28, 2004 UK: Owners to pay if their alligator escapes

June 28, 2004 UK: Time to duck - it's seagulls at one o'clock

June 27, 2004 CA: Mountain lion victim transferred to UCLA

June 25, 2004 NJ: Wily coyotes terrorizing farm animals in North Jersey

June 24, 2004 CA: Outdoor forays get stung by the unusual

June 24, 2004 MA: Deadly attack puts pit bulls in doghouse

June 24, 2004 NC: Man Survives Bear Attack By Playing Dead

June 22, 2004 NJ: Fatal wreck follows collision with bird

June 19, 2004 ME: Rampaging animal stuns worker in garage

June 18, 2004 CA: Mills College Reports Possible Mountain Lion

June 18, 2004 KY: Mountain lion reports on the rise in 3 counties

June 18, 2004 South Dakota: Will More Mountain Lions Surface?

June 17, 2004 MI: St. Bernards put down after attacking Macomb County llamas, steer

June 17, 2004 MD: Dog Accused Of Attack To Be Put Down

June 16, 2004 CT: Young bear creates a stir in Willimantic

June 16, 2004 Arkansas: Man's death casts light on trade in snakes, other exotics

June 16, 2004 CA: Bear attack has woman in hospital

June 11, 2004 India: Man, panther declare truce

June 10, 2004 SD: Pet attacks prompt call for hunting

June 9, 2004 PA: Black Bear Attack PA Woman

June 9, 2004 CA: Going Wild in Suburbia

June 7, 2004 CA: Coyote Attacks Four Children

June 7, 2004 Australia: The Crocs are Biting Back

June 6, 2004 US: Man's Best Friend but Insurers' Foe

June 6, 2004 Montana: Grizzly bears: Endangered or just dangerous?

June 5, 2004 TX: Make no mistake about it: Sharks are out there

June 4, 2004 MO: Coyote attacked turkey hunter

June 3, 2004 Canada: RCMP air drop bullets to cabin residents in standoff with polar bears

June 3, 2004 South Dakota: Mountain lion attacks cats

June 2, 2004 TX: Bee attack kills second Texan in 2 weeks

June 1, 2004 NC: Pitt bull attacks second child

May 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

May 31, 2004 CA: Surfer goes toe-to-toe with shark

May 31, 2004 UK: Dog Floored by Snake

May 30, 2004 PA: Outdoors: Those lion sightings could have some teeth

May 29, 2004 OH: Lion Attacks Woman

May 26, 2004 CA: Orcas feast on harvest of gray whale calves Killer whales team up in Monterey Bay

May 25, 2004 UK: Warning over killer swan

May 25 CA: Vacaville Residents on Alert After Mountain Lion Sightings

May 25, 2004 NC: Rabid fox attacks child at school

May 25, 2004 TX: Angry Father Retaliates Against Dog That Attacks Son

May 24, 2004 GA: Wounded Black Bear on the Loose

May 24, 2004 Germany: Wild hare attacks man

May 23, 2004 FL: Panthers on the Prowl

May 23, 2004 FL: Pythons gone wild: Freed pet snakes thrive in Everglades

May 21, 2004 MI: Rottweiler bites owner, horse

May 20, 2004 FL: Florida boy fights off alligator

May 19, 2004 ME: Black bear killed as it roams yards in S. Portland
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: John G. Animal Attack Files Special Report

May 18, 2004 USA: Canine caution. Occasionally, man's best friend becomes his worst enemy. This is National Dog Bit Prevention Week.

May 18, 2004 NY: 6 treated after bats invade 3 houses 1 bat found to be rabid.

May 18, 2004 NM: Man Loses Finger, Zoo Visiting Rights

May 17, 2004 AZ: Mountain lion killed after run-ins with cyclists, game officials

May 17, 2004 CA: Moutain lion chased by dog, then killed by Palo Alto police

May 15, 2004 NY: Pit bull attacks woman, 77, in Kingston

May 12, 2004 MA: Hull declares emergency on coyotes; Officials hope to take action quickly to get rid of them

May 7, 2004 UT: BEAR attacks rafter in Desolation Canyon on Green River
Salt Lake Tribune - A black bear attacked and injured a recreational rafter on the Green River in eastern Utah's Desolation Canyon - the second bear attack there in 10 months.

May 6, 2004 CA: Stanford Will Not Hunt Down Mountain Lion

May 6, 2004 KY: Another Garrard child mauled by pit bull

May 5, 2004 UK: Village of the Damned Cocky Peacocks

May 5, 2004 CA: Mountain Lion Wins Amnesty

May 5, 2004 OR: Specialist compares boy's injuries with dogs' mouths

May 5, 2004 CO: Wolf hybrid attacks Glenwood girl

May 5, 2004 WA: Stray Dogs Attack Miniature Horse

May 5, 2004 RI: ACLU snarls at Pawtucket’s pit bull law

May 5, 2004 FL: Florida dog wins hero award for fighting poisonous snake

April 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

April 29, 2004 CA: A Mountain Lion Far From Home (registration req'd)

April 28, 2004 CA: Mountain lion attacks horse near campus

April 28, 2004 CA: Griffith Park to Get Mountain Lion Warnings

April 22, 2004 FL: Alligator attacks Sanibel woman

April 20, 2004 TX: Dog rescues another dog from alligator attack

April 12, 2004 Jacksonville FL: Dog Attacks 5-Year-Old Boy

April 11, 2004 Hong Kong: Man bites dog to death

April 9, 2004 Canton PA: Reported cougar sightings keep kids away from playground

April 9, 2004 IL: Racoon attacks woman

April 09, 2004 CA: Keeping clear of mountain lions
Cougar attacks are rare, but civilization's encroachment could make them more common

April 08 2004 TX: Bats found in the area test positive for rabies

April 7, 2004 Wales: ‘Gorilla’ dogs quarantined in Wales Report filed by AAF
Correspondent: foxfirefarmsAnimal Attack Files Special Report

April 06, 2004 AZ: Wildlife Immunity Bill Fails
If a mountain lion attacks somebody at Sabino Canyon, the state can still be held liable, at least for now. An attempt to resurrect legislation to give the state legal immunity over damage by wildlife failed Tuesday in a Senate committee.

April 8, 2004 CA: St. Helena teen shoots, kills mountain lion Thursday

April 08, 2004 Mendocino CA: Education is critical when living in mountain lion country

April 07, 2004 CT: Dog pair kill two goats and injure third

April 7, 2003 IN: Pit bull attacks Clinton County girl
Richard Essex/Eyewitness News Clinton County, - Martin Nern is thankful his nine-year-old daughter is still alive. "You know how those pit bulls are, could have killed her."

April 06, 2004 South Aftica: 'Cage operators not to blame'
The National Sea rescue Insitute (NSRI), the Sharks Board and Marine and Coastal Management have all downplayed claims that the shark involved in Monday's Muizenberg Beach attack on 16-year-old surfer John Paul Andrew, was lured to the area by cage diving operators.

April 06, 2004 Saginaw MI: Attacks by pit bulls mount in 'ominous' start to spring

April 06, 2004 South Africa: Rescuer tells of shark attack
Cape Town - A Lakeside teenager was fighting for his life on Monday night after being badly bitten by a Great White shark off a Muizenberg beach earlier in the day.

April 05, 2004 Kennebec, ME: Dog attacks 2 boys

April 05, 2004 CA: Should Mountain Lions be Hunted in California?

April 05, 2004 South Africa: Shark attack: Teen critical
Print article email story Related Articles Shark attacks 'chance' Men kill shark in 2nd attack Drs hopeful about shark victim Cape Town - Teenager John-Paul "JP" Andrew is fighting for his life after being savaged by a Great White shark.

05/04/2004 South Africa: Great White rips off boy's leg
Cape Town - A 16-year-old boy was in critical condition on Monday after a Great White shark bit off part of his leg in an attack near Muizenberg, officials said.

April 04, 2004 FL: Fines failed, so lawsuit seeks to ban dogs
After dozens of complaints and citations about biting dogs, Animal Control asks a judge to ban all pets from a New Port Richey home.

April 04, 2004 CO: Guilty by breed, not by deed
Denver's policy of euthanizing pit bulls violent or not faces scrutiny

April 4, 2004 MT: Myths surround wolves
Despite their tendency to make headlines, Ed Bangs says wolves are actually pretty boring animals. Yet the intensity of people's reaction to the toothy critters is fascinating.

April 3, 2004 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Vampire bats kill 13 people in Brazil
Rabies-carrying vampire bats killed at least 13 people in a remote Amazon town in Brazil's northern state of Para last month.

CDC Info on Bats & Rabies

April 03, 2004 TX: Mountain lion Mountain lion seen in north Arlington
It might just be a token warning, but a mountain lion could be sleeping in north Arlington tonight.

April 2, 2004 NH: Crew boats fend off otter attack
Ariver otter attacked crew coaches during the varsity heavyweight afternoon practice.

April 2, 2004 Kathmandu, Nepal: Man-eating tigers on the prowl in Nepal national park
Man-eating tigers are terrorising people in Nepal's largest national park, where 16 persons, including a four-year-old child, were mauled to death by the wildcats in the past two months, reports OneWorld.

March 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

March 31, 2004 AK: Stomped by a moose
Animal attacks boys, leaves 7-year-old with a broken leg

March 31, 2004 TX: Rabbit shows dark side
Trever Grooms, a 20-month-old, lost part of his finger when the family's rabbit bit it off.

03/31/04 CA: Mountain lion spotted in SR neighborhood
A mountain lion has been spotted several times in a hillside Santa Rosa neighborhood, rattling residents in the wake of a fatal attack in Southern California earlier this year.

03/30/04 CA: Rattlesnake Bites Student at Chino School
A rattlesnake bit a 9-year-old boy on the finger on the playground area at Butterfield Ranch Elementary School early today, authorities said.

03/30/04 AZ: State could be liable if lion attacks Paul Davenport Associated Press
Sabino Canyon is being reopened after a failed hunt for mountain lions said to be behaving in ways that could indicate a threat to humans.

March 30, 2004 CA: Time to reassess mountain lion management plan
Despite the ignorant cries of “animal killers” and worse directed at Morgan Hill police officers who shot and killed a mountain lion cub near Hale Avenue in a suburban back yard earlier this month, it’s clear the officers acted appropriately.

03/30/04 NC: Rabid Fox Attacks Boy in Orange County
Second Confirmed Wildlife Rabies Case In 2004

03/30/04 CO: Bill Would Make It Easier To Sue Owners Of Violent Dogs

03/30/04 NY: Man Arrested After Dog Attacks Deputies
A North Fork man is in jail after sheriff's investigators say he let his dog attack two deputies.

03/28/04 Tucson AZ: Lion experts split on hunt's wisdom
Three said the sightings reported from May 2003 through Wednesday demonstrate a credible enough threat to hunt the lions. Three disagreed, and the seventh wouldn't take sides.

March 27, 2004 Lima, Peru: 20 attacked by vampire bats
At least 20 people were attacked and bitten by vampire bats as they returned home from work in the jungle community of Mansiche, Peru, a top official at the Ministry of Health said.

March 25, 2004 India: 1 child dead, 1 injured as big cat stalks village
The village of Khadki-Ambrai in Bhiwandi is still reeling with shock following two panther attacks in the last three days. The attacks, both on children, have left one injured and one dead.

03/24/04 AZ: Concerned About Mountain Lion Threat
Arizona Game and Fish Department officials say they have no choice but to try to remove mountain lions being routinely sighted in Sabino Canyon. A spokesman for the department says the big cats are a threat to public safety.

March 24th, 2004 Louisville KY: 11-Year-Old Mauled By Two Pit Bulls
An 11-year-old girl on her way to visit a friend was viciously attacked by two Pit Bulls in a south end neighborhood Tuesday night.

March 23, 2004 MI: Cute bunny packs a bite
Most see rabbits as cute, fluffy, bouncy animals that can brighten any child's day. They also have a killer bite. A 2-year-old St. Charles girl is recuperating today after her pet rabbit bit her last week, severing her right index finger at the knuckle.

MARCH 23, 2004 Tucson AZ: Bee alert: Swarms active
The early arrival of warm weather in Tucson may bring peril in the form of an exploding population of Africanized bees, local experts say.

03/23/03 NV: Bear Cub Fatally Shot
The fatal shooting of a bear cub late last week has raised several questions about how residents in forested Nevada County can co-exist with potentially dangerous wildlife.

03/22/04 San Francisco CA: Pigeon Eaters Invade the Mission
Raptors in the Mission District.

13 March 2004 Mumbai: Residents relieved as panthers are relocated
Residents in suburbs around the Sanjay Gandhi national park, who have been terrorised by a series of panther attacks over the last two years, are relieved that forest department officials have relocated 26 panthers to sanctuaries away from the city.

03/19/04 TX: Legal Answers: Animal Attacks
Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog bite. There are approximately 800,000 bites per year in the United States that require medical treatment. Most of the victims are children, and most of them are bitten on the face. Almost $165 million dollars are spent treating dog bite injuries each year.

03/18/04 Dallas, TX: Police kill gorilla at Dallas zoo after it attacks visitors
A 300-pound gorilla that escaped from its habitat at the Dallas Zoo was shot and killed by police on Thursday after it injured three people, authorities said.
Thanks to AAF Correspondent B.H. for filing reports on this incidentAnimal Attack Files Special Report

18 March 2004 England: Farmer dies after attack by bull
A farmer has died after being tossed in the air and kicked in the face and chest by a bull.

03/17/04 Brisbane, Australia: Roo attacks woman
03/17/04 Brisbane, Australia: Ferocious Kangaroo Attacks Woman

March 17, 2004 San Diego, CA: Pit Bull Attacks Woman, Shot By Police
San Diego police shot a pit bull Wednesday when it lunged at officers after attacking a woman and biting her, 10News reported.

03/16/04 CA: Rumors prompt offer of reward

03/16/04 VA: Bobcat Bites Woman in Basement

03/15/04 ID: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

03/13/04 AZ: Development vs. nature: Lions lose out

03/13/04 MN: Horse dies after cougar attack near Ely

03/13/04 TX: Animal control officers to bite down on loose dog problem

03/12/04 KY: Great flying carp! Fish a threat to boaters, skiers

03/12/04 Houston, TX: Pack of dogs attacks, kills 2-year-old

03/12/04 Valhalla, NY: Coyote Attacks, Kills Dog In Westchester (1010WINS)

Coyote attacks Valhalla pet (NY Journal News)

03/12/04 Britain: Big cats - the truth is out there

03/11/04 San Antonio, TX: Police shoot pit bull after reported attacks

03/09/04 AZ: Decision Made on Sabino Canyon Mountain Lions
Coronado National Forest officials are temporarily closing Sabino Canyon Recreation area to allow professional animal trackers to search for mountain lions that have lost their fear of humans.

03/09/04 UK: Twitchers watch robin served rare

March 8, 2004 Sedalia, Missouri: Officers shoot dog terrorizing neighbors
For the second time in two days, a Sedalia police officer was forced to shoot a pit bull to keep from being mauled by the animal.

8 March 2004 Wolf attack map predicts danger areas
As wolf numbers increase, so too do attacks on domestic animals. A new map may help predict where wild wolves are most likely to attack domestic animals.

03/08/04 Tanzania: Follow-up on the tragedy at Gombe in May of 2002 (National Geographic) Report filed by AAF Correspondent: D.M.Animal Attack Files Special Report

03/08/04 CA: Brushes with cougars on rise

03/07/04 WI: Gray wolf makes stunning comeback in Wisconsin

03/06/04 MT: Wolves strike Madison Valley ranch
A federal official said Friday that whoever illegally killed a collared wolf in the Madison Valley scuttled trackers' efforts to find the wolves that had attacked a dog hours earlier.

03/04/04 CA: Hunt for lion comes up empty
The man who faced off with a menacing mountain lion on the Santa Rosa Plateau this week said Thursday the only thing between him and death or serious injury was an aggressive attitude and a defective can of pepper spray.

Mar 4, 2004 UT: Rampaging Moose Stomps Man
One man was hospitalized after he and two hiking companions were attacked by an aggressive moose. Report filed by AAF Correspondent: cyberbegAnimal Attack Files Special Report

March 03, 2004 - Ashburnham, MA: Official warns area to watch out for coyotes
The town's animal control officer is warning residents to be on the alert after a pack of coyotes attacked a miniature donkey over the weekend.

March 3, 2004 - Bozeman, MT: Wolves attack cattle in Madison Valley
Two wolf packs attacked cattle in four incidents in four days in the Madison Valley and now a federal gunner has orders to kill half of one pack and try to put radio collars on the other pack.

03/02/04 India: Oh deer, half-fed stray dogs vent their ire on fawn, chital

February 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

2/24/04 Norway: Flying moose lands on car's roof
A leisurely Sunday drive came to an abrupt halt for a couple in southern Norway over the weekend, when a fully grown moose suddenly landed on the roof of their car.

02/11/04 FL: Man Drives For Help With Shark Attached To Leg

02/08/04 AL: Wolf-dog gets a reprieve, ticket to a Canada sanctuary

02/07/04 NY: Mauling Dog May Go Back Home

02/07/04 NY: Pit bull horror - Dog snaps, attacks two sisters in Bronx home

02/06/04 IA: Pit bull shot by officer

02/05/04 MO: Zookeeper is injured in attack by sun bear

02/04/04 CA: City reacts to lion activity One local sighting reported since O.C. attack. There is no cause for concern, officials say.

02/04/04 CA: Mountain lion warning issued in Marin County

02/04/04 India: Protecting the Custodian - who should be protected first in the ongoing man-animal conflict in different forested parts of the country?

02/03/04 CA: PREDATORS Pets gone wild - When dog mobs are free to roam the urban fringe, trouble follows.

January 2004 Animal Attack Files (Links):

01/26/04 Polaris, Mont: Pack of 7 wolves slain after killing cows
A federal wildlife official has shot and killed a pack of seven wolves responsible for killing cattle in southwestern Montana.

01/18/04 FL:Dangerous dogs
Mauling illuminates flaws in animal control

01/17/04 AZ: Rabid bobcat in Cave Creek is no cause for alarm, yet

01/17/04 GA: Newton girl hospitalized after dog attack

01/17/04 CA: Instill Hefty Dose of Fear Into Wild Mountain Lions

01/15/04 CA: Tips can reduce risk of feral animal attacks

01/15/04 WA: Notorious pit bull kills man's dog

01/14/04 NC: Police Believe N.C. Boy, 3, Killed By Neighbor's Pit Bull

01/14/04 OR: Cougar attacks rising in southern Oregon

01/11/04 CA: Initial Exam Links Slain Lion to Fatal Attack Samples from human tissue found in stomach will be compared with man's DNA. Area where woman was rescued called 'battle scene.'

01/11/04 CA: Mountain lion attacks: Fact and fiction Rare fatality, Internet hoax bring focus to cats

01/11/04 NV: Tips on Avoiding Mountain Lion Attacks

01/11/04 CA: To the Cougar, Are People Now Fair Game? Some scientists say big cats that see only nature lovers, not hunters, may have lost their fear of us.

01/11/04 CA: '86 Mauling Limits Her Motions, Not Dreams

01/10/04 CA: Fool's fate?
Bear activist lived on the edge and paid for it with his life

01/10/04 UT: Cougar Attacks and Kills Dog in Holladay

01/08/04 CA: Mountain Lion Shot After Fatal Attack Mountain Biker Critically Injured; Body Found Nearby

01/07/04 IA: Mountain lion shot in southern Iowa

January 7, 2004 AZ: Man fights bobcat, likely rabid
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: AZWildcats_2004Animal Attack Files Special Report

01/06/04 Berlin: Wild boar breaks into apartment, attacks resident

01/06/04 FL: Lauderdale County beefs up animal control ordinances

01/05/04 CO: Man mauled by pit bull starts campaign to ban breed

01/05/04 Australia: Officials: Man-eating croc is probably dead

01/01/04 Africa: Monkeys make a meal of human babies
Report filed by AAF Correspondent: D.M.Animal Attack Files Special Report

December 2003 Animal Attack Files (Links):

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