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News and Reports of Animal Attacks from around the world.

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Archive, 1997
August - December

07/17/97: Flying Bull Totals Car in Oregon
08/17/97: Bear Kills Two, Injures Two in British Columbia
08/17/97: Adaptable Coyote Eats Pets
08/21/97: Cat-Eating Coyotes are on the Prowl
10/02/97: House(Cat) Arrest for Pet Predator 
10/05/97: Block Island Struggles with Deer  
10/06/97: Alligator Chomps Snorkeler  
10/25/97: Rare Snow Leopard Killed by Jaguar  
10/27/97: Hunters Kill More Bears But Not Enough  
10/29/97: Teenager_Loses_Right_Foot_to_Shark  
10/28/97: Shark_Chomps_Long_Surfboard_in_Half  
11/28/97: Crazed Reindeer Attacks Santa  
11/26/97: Bucharest Overrun by Dogs  
11/28/97: Crazed Elephants Stampede in Viet Nam  
12/23/97: Elephants Wreak Havok in India  
12/23/97: Russian Hunters Kill Man-Eating Tiger  
12/26/97: Beaches Reopen After Canadian Boy Gashed  
12/27/97: Tiny Jellyfish Blamed for Drownings  
12/29/97: Cops Say Shark Killed Diver 
12/29/97: Deadly Snake Bites Museum Handler
12/29/97: Ostrich Kicks 63-year old Woman to Death


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