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    Thursday, May 3 6:23 PM SGT

Aborigines fight dingo cull

BRISBANE, Australia, May 3 (AFP) - Aboriginal leaders said Thursday they would go to court to stop the Queensland State government culling dingoes on a remote tourist island which mauled a nine-year-old boy to death.

Park rangers confirmed they had so far killed 12 dingoes, including two believed responsible for the death of nine-year-old Clinton Gage on Monday.

Traditional Aboriginal owners of part of Fraser Island called for an end to the cull otherwise they would seek a court injunction.

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Sherrill O'Connor, solicitor for the Ngulungbara people, said the cull was a violation of World Heritage legislation which covers the island.

But Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said although he respected the "passionately held" views of environmentalists and indigenous people, rangers would continue to clear dingoes from camping areas.

"I know there is criticism of our decision to cull -- I would simply state that a young boy has died," he told state parliament.

"We take no pleasure in this but we have a duty of care to residents and visitors."

Some 30 to 40 of the 160 dingoes on Fraser Island have been destroyed over the last 10 years during which time 20 people have been attacked.

Tourists have been blamed for the problem by feeding the dogs scraps.

Aborigines say they never had any problems with the dogs.

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