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Archive, 1998

12/28/98 Srinigar: Monkeys Rampage in City

12/23/98 Canada: Dogs Kill BoyAnimal Attack Files Special Report

12/19/98 Surfer Attacked by Shark
in Australia
Animal Attack Files Special Report

12/07/98 Paris: Jaguar Kills Boy At Zoo

12/06/98 Guatemala: Dog Jailed, Charged in Murder of Bishop

12/05/98 CA: Fire Ants Invade LA

12/01/98 Johannesburg: Celebrity Sheep Killed by Elephant

Oct/Nov98 WI: Fish Attacks Man in CanoeAnimal Attack Files Special Report

11/29/98 TX: Hungry Gorilla attacks Dallas ZookeeperAnimal Attack Files Special Report

11/30/98 TX: Gorilla Attack followupAnimal Attack Files Special Report

11/26/98 FL: Sleepwalker, 77, Fends Off Alligators With Cane

11/23/98 FL: Boy Killed by Mystery SharkAAF

11/23/98 FL: Florida Shark Attack, AP ReportAAF

11/22/98 FL: White Tiger shot after killing again

11/22/98 MA: Bad Training May Cause Dog Attacks, Says Group

11/20/98 OK: Oklahoma Zookeeper Loses Arm In Tapir AttackAAF

11/20/98 OK: Tapir Attack Further Info

11/21/98 OK: Tapir Attack Part 3

11/20/98 MA: Cat Attack in Boston SuburbAAF

11/12/98 Thailand: Hungry Monkeys Rampage for Thai Food

11/09/98 Johannesburg: Man Snatches Grandson From Lion's JawsAAF

11/09/98 Brazil: Shark Kills Surfer in BrazilAAF

11/07/98 MS: Fire Ant Deaths Lead to Lawsuit

10/24/98 CA: Killer Bees Attack Elderly Man

10/20/98 Queensland AUST: Snake Bites Woman in Bed

10/11/98 UK: Mink attack and decimate helpless voles

10/08/98 Florida: Startled Tiger Kills Trainer

10/02/98 Johannesburg: Leopard Killed With Screwdriver

09/30/98 FL: Bees Kill Boy in Tampa

09/22/98 NV: Killer Bees Attack Two Dogs

09/21/98 CA: Cougars Wiping Out Bighorn Sheep

09/16/98 BC, Canada: Cougar Wanders into Downtown Building

09/11/98 NC: Dogs Kill 8-year Old Boy

09/05/98 Majorca: Mystery Bite Kills Snorkeler

08/31/98 Italy: Global Warming forces Great White to Attack 30-foot boat; London Next?

08/27/98 CA: Boogie-board Shark Attack Off Stinson Beach: "Mom, my leg really hurts!"

08/26/98 S. Africa: Big Cats Get Taste For Humans

08/22/98 UK: Mink Mug Angler for His Bait

08/21/98: US: Bear Attack in Yosemite National Park*EXCLUSIVE*AAF

08/20/98 AZ: Worker stung 700 times

08/08/98 UK: Vicious Mink Go Free to Maraud in England

08/08/98 UK: Bathers Injured by Razor Clams

08/08/98 Norway: Polar Bear Attacks Tourists

08/08/98 Traveler's Exposure to Screwworm Raises Concerns of Possible Infestation

08/08/98 Cougar Attacks Increasing in West

08/08/98 Amoeba Kills Boy in Florida

08/06/98 CA: Killer Bees in California

08/06/98 CA: Texas Fire Ants Invade Orchards

08/04/98 CA: Tiger Mauls Woman

08/04/98 AZ: Bees Attack Arizona Family

07/30/98 MA Coyote Attacks Boy

07/21/98 Joburg: Gorilla Hero's Reward May Be New Home

07/19/98 Joburg: Gorilla Shot as Fugitive Seeks Refuge at the Zoo

07/07/98 S. Africa: Shark the Loser in Attack

07/05/98 S. Africa: Surfers fall prey to great white shark 

07/04/98 Police Kill 1600 lb. escaped bull in Ohio

06/09/98 UK: Angry Bull Kills Man

06/03/98 New Brunswick, Canada: Bear Mauls Woman Walking Her Dog

06/01/98 Sussex, UK: Cattle Herd Tramples Woman to Death

05/29/98 MA: Runaway Deer Makes a Surprise Visit

05/25/98 Weymouth, UK: Bees Trap Family, Bureaucrats Refuse To Help

05/21/98 Yosemite: Hungry Bears Rampage, Shred Car Doors with Claws

05/15/98 : Feral Dogs Rule Detroit

05/14/98 W. Va: Marauding Pit Bulls Terrorize School

05/07/98 Texas: 5 Lb Rat Bites Baby 100 Times

05/06/98 Tenn: Deadly Attack by Horse - farmer and rescuer stomped

04/22/98 Oregon: Surfer Attacked By White Shark

04/22/98 Thailand: Police Hunt British Wildlife Expert After Tiger Savages Boy

04/20/98 FLA: Boy-Biting Shark Holds On All The Way To Hospital

04/19/98 Brisbane: Lurking croc in sewer suspected of girl-bite attack

04/06/98 Opinion (WSJ): Dog Bites Man. Dog Sues Man. Dog Wins. 

04/05/98 UK: Parrot Bites Deputy Prime Minister 

03/18/98 France: Awakened Chimps Rampage and Attack; Five Humans Held Hostage

02/26/98 UK: Tiger Bites Off Keeper's Arm 

02/25/98 N. Carolina: Fear of Epidemic Grows After Young Girl is Bitten by Rabid Fox 

02/22/98 Ferret Bit Baby, Police Say

02/17/98 UK: Gored Goose Ads Bite to Cat Legend

02/10/98 Three Pit Bulls Attack Children in New Jersey

01/28/98 Ohio: Man Charged after 12 foot python leaves water running

01/22/98 QuickTime® Movie-Wild Boars attack Japanese School ©Assoc Press

01/15/98 Bangkok: Starving Tiger Killed After Attack

01/06/98 Wild Boars Lay Waste To French Countryside

01/06/98 Johannesburg: 14 foot Shark Battered to Death by Crowd

01/06/98 US: Dogs Bite 4.5 Million

01/03/98 Suspected killer tiger nabbed in Sumatra

01/01/98 California: Mountain Lion Killed After Charging 

01/01/98 Miami: Undeterred by Holes in Head, Alligator Wrestler Vows Return


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