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Report filed by AAF Correspondents: C. C. & A. C.
from The Daily News of Jacksonville North Carolina.

    Man Recuperating After Gator Attack

June 11, 2001

Wayne R. Peteway of Jacksonville was listed in good condition at Duke University Hospital Sunday after undergoing surgery Saturday evening to repair damage to his arms caused by an alligator attack, said Capt. Alan Crouch of the Camp Lejeune public affairs office in a press release.

Peteway, 34 was in waist deep water in the New River near Town Point Beach, tending to crab traps Saturday afternoon, when an alligator bit his right forearm. He pulled the alligator toward shore and got if off his right arm, only to have it attack his left arm, the release said.

According to the Camp Lejeune Wildlife and Game Warden's office, the alligator was likely a female protecting her nest. The American allligator could have been as much as 12 feet in length, officials said.


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The game warden cordoned off the beach Sunday morning. A search of the area did not reveal a nest, but did show evidence of an alligator's recent use of the beach and marsh. Signs warning of the alligator's presence will be posted.

American Alligators are protected under North Carolina law.

This article is from the Local section of the Daily News.

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