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from The Age Online, Australia

    Long history of Fraser dingo attacks

Monday 30 April 2001, 12:47 PM

Scores of people are attacked by dingoes on Fraser Island each year, although normally it is in the form of a nip.

Most serious attacks in recent years have involved young children.

About 200 dingoes - some of the purest in Australia - live on the island.


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It is the pubescent pups that are more more aggressive and inclined to attack people.

In February, 1999, two young dingos attacked a German woman tourist, 63, as she lay sun baking on the beach at Fraser Island's Lake McKenzie, a popular swimming spot.

Witnesses said the attack was unprovoked. She was flown to Hervey Bay Hospital with bites to the shoulder, buttocks and legs

In April, 1998, 13-month old girl was grabbed and dragged more than a metre at the Waddy Point camping area by a dingo. The girl was dropped when her father appeared.

In August, 1998, a four-year-old boy has been rushed to the Hervey Bay Hospital after being attacked by a dingo.

In March, 1998, British female backpacker Sarah Chillands, 25, was attacked by a dingo while she stood at the water's edge with a friend.

"I started running to the camp site, but it got me and knocked me to the ground, ripping off my shorts and bit my legs all over the back," she said.

Ms Chillands suffered superficial lacerations and was treated at the local hospital.

In March, 1997, a five-year-old boy was attacked by two dingoes eight metres away from where his parents were sitting.

The boy was attacked by one dingo and when he pulled away was pinned to the ground by the second animal which mauled him on the lower left leg. He also suffered a groin injury.

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