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from The Age Online, Australia

    Dingo had attacked seven times before, residents claim

Tuesday May 1, 2001

The dingo which killed a nine-year-old boy is believed to have attacked seven times before.

Residents claim authorities did nothing about the aggressive dog and its mate on Fraser Island, Australia.

Police and locals suspect the same young male dingo is responsible for incidents during the past six weeks in which people were bitten or harassed.

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The dog was one of several which had been fed by a tourism operator at Orchid Beach to make it easier for visitors to photograph the animals.

"We repeatedly warned National Parks officers that something very serious would happen because this dog was particularly aggressive and it had lost all fear of people," an Orchid Beach resident, who asked not to be named, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Last week a dingo, again believed to be the same animal, was seen stalking a woman and her child.

Peter Wall, of Sydney, says he was holidaying at Waddy Point recently with his family when a dingo chased a boy into the sea while snapping at him.

A pair of dingoes were shot dead after the death of the nine-year-old boy and the mauling of his brother.

Inspector Pat Ryan, of Maryborough police, says they were probably the animals responsible, but forensic tests would be conducted to confirm this.

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