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    Island's dingoes to be shot after boy's death

Tuesday 1st May 2001

Wild dogs on an Australian island resort are to be shot after a boy was mauled to death by the animals.

Queensland state Premier Peter Beattie said dingoes that scavenge around campsites and settlements on Fraser Island will be culled.

Aborigine trackers are checking areas where dingoes have menaced residents and tourists on the island off Australia's north-east coast.

"They will be killed humanely, but they will be killed," Mr Beattie said.


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Clinton Gage, nine, was killed on Monday when he was attacked by dingoes near a camp site where his family was on holiday. His younger brother, Dylan, seven, who was mauled by the animals, has been released from hospital.

Police immediately shot two dingoes believed to be responsible for the attack.

There has been a string of dingo attacks on humans on the island, mainly involving children, but the killing was only the second in Australia in modern history.

Residents on the world's largest sand island had threatened to take the law into their own hands and shoot dingoes.

Many tourists opted to stay on the world's largest sand island despite the killing. Police had urged people to leave or cancel visits.

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