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    Pig nicknamed Hannibal kills owner

Wednesday May 2, 2001

Hungary - A pig nicknamed Hannibal after it savaged a man has killed its owner.

The 64-year-old Hungarian farmer knew the pig was aggressive after it attacked a neighbour.

When he went to watch it being weighed for sale at market the pig broke free and attacked him, savaging him on the neck and in the face.

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Laszlo Ferenczi, a spokesman for Bacs-Kiskun County police, said the farmer was declared dead on arrival at hospital.

He also confirmed the same pig had badly bitten another farmer two months ago, earning its nickname after killer pigs in the film starring Anthony Hopkins.

He said: "They had to keep it in a sty on its own because it was so aggressive and I think they were looking forward to seeing the back of it.

"They used to call it Hannibal because it was so violent, just like the pigs in the film."

The pig is still alive but has been locked in his sty. Police said he will be slaughtered once the dead man's relatives can organise someone to do it.

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